Why do chiropractors do what we do?

We want to address the cause – not the symptom!

WHY is a very important question. Chiropractors certainly want to help people recover from injury or illness, AND we want to help people then take their health to the next level. Lack of pain or symptoms is not health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO)... "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".  As complementary and alternative health care practitioners we want to help you find the underlying cause of your problem and resolve that. Although medicine is essential to everyone, the treatments offered often simply address the symptoms and not the cause. For you to have "complete physical, mental and social well-being", we need to help you resolve any pain or illness, prevent pain or illness from recurring, and guide you to optimal vital health so that you can continue to have the life you dream of.

Why is the spine so important to chiropractors?

The spine is the framework which supports and protects the spinal cord. Most of the nerves pass from the spinal cord through small openings in the spine to various muscles, organs bones and even our skin.
The spine comprises of 24 moveable bones, 23 discs (which act as shock absorbers and allow movement to occur), and has attachments for 12 sets of ribs and hundreds of ligaments and muscles. 31 pairs of nerves exit the spine.
Because of the spines complexity, it's normal movements are easily disrupted. Falls, incorrect lifting, stress, repetitive movements, faulty posture and even illness may cause joint dysfunction due to the abnormal mechanics of the spine. In Chiropractic this is called a "subluxation".

A Chiropractic subluxation in the spine can be the result of one of the "3 – T’s" - Trauma (acute or overuse injury), Toxins (what you eat/drink or breathe), or Thoughts (negative thinking or emotions).  This is why we are interested in your physical health (trauma), your nutrition (toxins), and your mental health (thoughts). Therefore we will encourage and educate you about how to prevent injuries, to eat a healthy diet for YOU, and use stress management and other techniques for your mental health.