Jumpers Knee
If the knee twists at the same time the it is flexing and extending during the jumping motion, it can put too much force into the tendon just below the knee cap (infra-patellar tendon).  Adding custom Chiropractic Orthotics to the care of Jumpers Knee can help decrease pain and increase healing.

Jumpes Knee is a condition that results from the kneecap being pulled excessively away from the front of the tibia bone as the knee bends and straightens.  The four major muscles in the thigh (quadriceps) share a common tendon that attaches just below the knee and encases the kneecap.  Therefore the contraction of the quadriceps has an impact on how the kneecap pulls the tendon below it that attaches to the lower leg (tibia).  If there is abnormal pulling of the quadriceps on the kneecap, this can cause the tendon to be overstretched and irritated, leading to inflammation and pain.

This condition is common in people engaged in jumping sports such as net ball, basketball, athletics, etc. (hence ‘jumpers knee’).  Factors that predispose people to runner’s knee include previous trauma and muscle imbalance, as well as abnormal foot biomechanics. When the foot over-pronates, this creates a twisting, or torsional, force which extends up into the knee, causing the top of the tibia to twist inwards, changing the way the quadriceps pulls against the kneecap, with the painful consequences described above.  

Custom Chiropractic orthotics will stabilize the foot and knee to prevent the abnormal on the infra-patellar tendon and therefore help relieve the pain.