Joint or Muscle Pain

There are various reasons as to why you may be experiencing pain or discomfort in your joints or muscles. We conduct a detailed clinical examination to identify the reason why you are suffering and then seek a solution to the problem. Sometimes aches and pains are due to a simple mis-alignment of the vertebra or joints in the legs or arms. This can be addressed with gentle adjustments to the spine or extremities using any one of a variety of techniques that can be chosen to meet your individual needs. This process is described in more detail...

Chronic Injuries

Whether your chronic injury came from an accident at home, work or sport it can be improved with a combination of Chiropractic adjustments, massage, rest, home care advice regarding ice/heat/massage etc., the use of natural supplements to enhance healing, simple home exercises to speed up recovery, orthotics to bring better balance to your joints and muscles, or referral to a specialist for further investigation if this is required to proceed safely and confidently to get you on the move as quickly as possible. These options are described in more detail...

Chiropractic and Orthotics

Many people seek the help of a Chiropractor for help with aches and pains in the pelvis, spine, and extremties. Often, these problems are due to underlying imbalance in the feet, which translates up into the ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and spine. This frequently causes a leg length difference that makes the imbalance even worse. When this imbalance is due to one foot functioning different from the other, custom dynamic orthotics are often the solution to a wide variety of problems. Find out what a biomechanical examination can reveal about foot mechanics and the body by...


In her 20+ years of practice, Dr. Cherye Roche has been in continuous private practice resolving pain and creating wellness for people from all walks of life. She is an international lecturer on the topics of clinical biomechanics, chronic pain syndromes, and functional orthotic therapy. She has also served the Chiropractic profession as a professor / lecturer at various institutions in America, Great Britain, and now in New Zealand.

Her academic / professional achievements include:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic (USA) New Zealand Chiropractic Sports Council Member

    *FCC (Fellow - College of Chiropractors - UK) *A.T.,C. (Certified Athletic Trainer - USA)

  • B.A. Exercise Physiology (USA) LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist - USA)

    *FEAC (Ortho) Fellow - European Academy of Chiropractic - Orthopaedics

    In her own words, Dr. Roche says... "As a Doctor of Chiropractic my goal is to identify the underlying, biomechanical, neurological or physiologic causes of a patients€ condition, so as to help them resolve their condition, restore their normal function, enhance their performance, and help their body to express its optimal innate vitality!"

    Currently Dr. Roche is the clinical director of Pure Healthcare NZ, which has two locations in the greater Auckland area. Pure Healthcare Auckland is in Orakei, Auckland, and Pure Healthcare Albany is in Rosedale, Albany. She is engaged in practice at both locations along with teams of Chiropractors, rehab specialists, massage therapists and natural therapies clinicians. Her clinical focus is on biomechanical assessments and gait analysis using the GaitScan system to provide custom functional orthotics to address the underlying cause of joint and muscle problems.

    Call today for an appointment to see Dr. Roche and get moving again!